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Breakdown of the Divorce Mediation Process

September 11, 2015

Divorce Mediation Services MNDivorce is hard, yes, but it doesn’t have to be brutal. If you’re thinking about divorce, or have already decided to do it, then you’ve most likely heard about mediation, but might be unsure of what exactly it is and how it works. Divorce mediation takes the fight out of divorce, takes litigating attorneys out of the equation, and takes “win” and “lose” out as well. Mediation is more human approach to divorce, instead of animalistic; an approach that requires people to negotiate and compromise, even in emotionally volatile situations. Johnson Mediation knows that divorce is hard, and we also know that mediation is the most effective and least painful route for divorce. So if you are thinking about mediation, or it has been recommended to you, and you are unsure about the process, we encourage you to take a moment to read how it works.

First, we should remind you that each mediator is different. Some prefer to allow the couple to determine the ebb and flow of mediation, such as which issues they should start with. Other mediators prefer to set the pace themselves. No matter which approach your mediator prefers, these are inevitably the topics that will be discussed during mediation.

What You Both Own & Owe

This is a two part process. First we must determine what you both own and what you both owe, and what the tax implications are for each item. After this has been established then we must determine how to divide the assets and debts between both parties. And because this is mediation, the decision is left up to you.

Parenting Plan

Children need both parents in their lives. “Winning” and “losing” should be a thing of the past when it comes to divorce. When these words are used, often it means the children are always losing, because these words designate that basically one parent is being taken from their life. This doesn’t work well for anyone. Children need both parents, and a good mediator will help determine a plan that will work for both parties, so that children don’t become burdens and that everyone is able to grow and thrive.


Johnson Mediation is a group of divorce mediators in Minnesota. We understand that when a couple divorces, each person will need to establish a budget. Instead of having a combined income, you now will each have your own household, so this obviously means that each person will have to start earning more or else reconsider their style and status of living. And because the former is hard to do, determining areas where you can decrease spending without radically affecting your life is often the choice people make. At Johnson Mediation, we understand that budgeting is hard, and we will help you so that it doesn’t feel like your life is completely upended.

Child & Spousal Support

Child support in many states is a pretty straightforward system. Using specific guidelines, it’s figured out, and that’s that. But spousal support is a more complicated system. Some people pay none, some pay some for a specific time period, and some pay support to the other party for the rest of their lives. At Johnson Mediation, we can help you resolve this issue and which option might benefit both of your equally.

Minnesota Divorce Mediation Services

Johnson Mediation is a group of experienced divorce mediators in Minnesota. We understand that it is a delicate process and we are here to help you work through it. So if you are ready for trustworthy and confidential divorce mediation, contact our experienced mediators today.

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