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Why Divorce Mediation Works

September 5, 2015

Divorce Mediation can WorkMediation is fast becoming one of the most effective strategies for successfully settling divorce around the country. In fact, many states and judges even recommend that couples try mediation before jumping to the difficult litigation process. For such a potentially contentious process, you may wonder what makes mediation work. There are many theories about the many benefits of mediation – costs less, takes less time, usually minimizes conflict for spouses and helps to lay a strong foundation for the future with kids. But, why is this the case? We think that the the key component of this success has to do with the importance of voices really being heard.

The most important job of the mediator is to listen well to both parties in a neutral and respectful way. Some components of this strong listening skill includes:

  • Actively listening, making eye contact with each party.
  • Letting each person talk freely, without being interrupted
  • Paying close attention to what is being said, even if you disagree or see a problem with the perspective.
  • Ask clarifying questions with compassion
  • Honor and respect what is being said by both parties, even when there is obvious disagreement.
  • Keeping lines of communication open as a fair settlement is discussed

If these active listening strategies are used during divorce mediation, a very successful outcome can be achieved. If both parties truly feel heard, they will feel validated, and may relax a bit and be more open to listening and finding an outcome that is rooted in compromise, rather than being entirely divisive. These steps toward healthy and real communication can be the foundation for future communication. After all, in many cases when children are involved the divorce settlement is just the first step in a longstanding new relationship of co-parenting. A successfully mediated divorce can serve as a positive foundation for necessary future communication.

Johnson Mediation: Respectful and Neutral Listening To Help Achieve a Positive Outcome

Johnson Mediation works with couples that are going through a divorce, offering a safe environment to communicate about their different perspectives and an focus on finding middle ground in order to resolve disputes to achieve the best outcome for all members of the family. We view divorce mediation as a collaborative process where active listening is a key element to overall success. Johnson Mediation provides divorce mediation services in the Minnesota area, including Minnetonka, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, and Chaska. Give us a call at 1-952-401-7599 with questions or to schedule a time for a free 1 hour consultation.

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