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Helpful Tips for Back to School for Divorced Parents

September 4, 2015

Back to School Co-ParentingAs the summer winds down and back to school sales are in full swing, new challenges emerge for Newly Divorced Parents. Whether your divorce has been finalized or your family is still in the midst of the process there are new emotional and logistical circumstances for the parents and children. Both parents are responsible for making the transition as smooth as possible for the Best Interest of the Child. Resources available at Johnson Mediation include Parenting Classes and Parenting Consulting Services that can help keep children on track as the new Minnesota school year begins.

Strategies to Transition Children into New School Year

Children of Newly Divorced or Currently Divorcing Parents face challenges as they prepare for the upcoming school year. The emotional, physical and financial landscapes may have changed drastically since the previous school calendar ended in May or June. Co-Parenting Challenges may be emerging and evolving as new schedules are put into place. Johnson Mediation can assist with Developing Strategies to transition children into the new school year.

  1. Outline a consistent child custody arrangement to ease the confusion for minor children.
  1. Keep school counselors and teachers informed on the changing circumstances in the child’s living home life.
  1. Utilize technology to track your children’s schedules for homework assignments, school activities, sports and appointments.
  1. Develop consistent parenting styles that the children will experience at both homes. This may include consistent bed times, discipline and use of technology.
  1. Start a system for tracking unexpected and random expenses that your child will have during the school year and dividing expenditures fairly.

Help Navigating Co-Parenting Challenges

Parenting under any circumstances has a number of challenges. For Newly Divorced Parents, navigating through the parenting challenges can be confusing and difficult without the assistance of a skilled professional. Resources such as Parents Forever Classes or working with a Parenting Consultant can productively resolve issues between divorcing or recently divorced parents.

Experienced Eden Prairie Parenting Consultant

Johnson Mediation provides resources and services for dealing with Parenting Challenges after divorce. We understand the difficulties newly divorced parents face with transitioning minor children into the upcoming school year. Together we can develop strategies to keep your kids on track and ease the transition into a new schedule and routine. A Parenting Consultant or Parents Forever Classes can be a wonderful resource for dealing with the emotional and logistical changes that are emerging with a new school year.

In the Eden Prairie, Minnesota area, contact Johnson Mediation for Parenting Strategies for back to school at: (952) 401-7599.

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