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Guide to Preparing for Mediation

August 24, 2015

Divorce Mediation MNAlthough it can be a relief to come to the decision, divorce is a scary thing. You are stepping into the unknown. However, when you choose mediation as your method of dispute resolution, you are choosing an affordable, time efficient, and—most importantly—caring and thoughtful approach to your divorce. Johnson Mediation is a group of experienced Minnesota divorce mediators, and we are here to help you walk through the mediation process, so that you and your partner may end your marriage on mutually beneficial terms. We know divorce is scary, and also the thought of mediation (which involves negotiation and compromise), and we are here to help. Below is a guide for preparing for your first mediation session.

Bring Financial Information

It is very important that you bring along all of your financial information and documents to the mediation sessions. Information on all assets, from back accounts to retirement funds, time-shares to valuable household items, everything should be detailed, debts and all. Compiling all of this information on a spreadsheet beforehand and bringing it to mediation will save a lot of time.

Gather Yourself Emotionally

It is natural that emotions run high during a divorce. Lives are going through upheavals. This is all understandable. But mediation is about negotiating. And when tempers flare, negotiations generally come to a standstill. Do whatever you need: talk to friends and family, see a counselor. Let those emotions out. But when you come to mediation, make sure that you are calm and collected. It will help the entire process move more smoothly.

Leave the Past Behind

Arguing is partly why you got to this point. So don’t go to mediation prepared to argue and “win.” There is no such thing. Again, negotiating and compromise are the key players in mediation, and you need to be prepared to do both.

Talk to Your Mediator Individually

Sometimes there are issues that create an impasse. Sometimes it is not beneficial to the outcome of mediation to discuss these issues. Don’t be afraid to talk to your mediator about these issues privately. This allows you all to move forward. And if you have issues that you want to discuss confidentially with a mediator, then you can be sure that the other party does as well. Allow them this right and don’t interfere.

Put Your Fists Down (And Everyone Else’s)

It does no good to go into mediation prepared for a fight. And some attorneys tend to be combative and confrontational. Find people who will advise you reasonably, instead of those who are looking for a (legal) fight. Legal advice is good, but so is a clear head. Ask your mediator for a referral if you need to.

Minnesota Divorce Mediators

Johnson Mediation has experienced and compassionate divorce mediators who will help get through the divorce process and moving forward with your life. We know it’s scary, and we are here to help. Remember to learn as much as you can about the process and to always be clear in your communication. Voice concerns in a calm manner and everything should go smoothly (or as much as it can).

If you are ready for mediation with an experienced Minnesota divorce mediator, contact Johnson Mediation today at 952-401-7599.

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