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Support for Individuals During and After a Divorce

August 15, 2015

Lower Conflict After DivorceParenting a child does not end when a marriage ends. Divorced Parents need to find a workable solution to raise the children in a nurturing atmosphere. Effective Co-Parenting or Parallel Parenting techniques may be easier to accomplish with the support of a qualified Divorce Mediator or Parenting Consultant. Services provided at Johnson Mediation offer support for individuals who are seeking a divorce, in the middle of a divorce and after a divorce. We provide unbiased support for Setting Boundaries, Improving Communication and Resolving Parenting Issues during and after divorce.

Setting and Sticking To Boundaries

For someone who was married to an individual with a personality disorder and narcissistic tendencies, Setting and Sticking to Boundaries are very important for the best interest of the children. The narcissist ex-spouse may like to push the limits and cause chaos whenever possible. Having a Qualified Mediator can reduce the tension and bring about a peaceful and fair solution.

Improving Communication

Good Communication between divorcing or divorced parents is something that many consider to be an ideal situation. If you are having communication problems due to the actions of the other parent steps can be taken to improve the situation. Setting up a separate email account for communicating about issues involving your children is an excellent way to restore peace in your dealings.

Co-Parenting and Parallel Parenting with Children First

If Co-Parenting morphs into Parallel Parenting the best interest of the children must always be front and center. Limiting communication to areas that are relevant to the parenting of your children may diffuse the situation. Make sure that you never take part in negative comments about your spouse while in the presence of the child.

Support Resources for Both You and Your Children

Therapy can be very beneficial If your ex-spouse has confused or upset the child by engaging in negative or misleading information about you or your marriage. Johnson Mediation can provide you with resources to help both you and your children to thrive as you continue your lives after divorce.

Resource for Resolving Parenting Issues

Johnson Mediation has Services and Resources that can provide you with help and support for Resolving Co-Parenting and Parallel Parenting Issues. Its important to realize that you never have to deal with a difficult ex-spouse on your own. As a Qualified Mediator and Parenting Consultant, Johnson Mediation can be a wonderful resource for Improving Communication between divorced parents as well as Setting Boundaries.

Call Johnson Mediation for Support Services for resolving issues with a difficult or narcissistic ex-spouse, at (952) 401-7599.

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