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Find your Best Divorce Path

August 2, 2015

Divorce Mediator MNThe decision to get a divorce is never a light one. Once you have made the decision to dissolve your marriage, choosing how you will get divorced is the next large decision that could impact your life forever. At Johnson Mediation, we can help you decide the appropriate path that leads to a successful divorce and beyond. Our team focuses on the emotional, logistical, and legal processes of divorce so that all of the baggage that can come in this high-stress time, is aired out and agreed upon.

When To Use Mediation

There are so many cases where spouses that were once in total agreeance with each other end up brawling in a courtroom wasting tons of money and dragging their children through an awful, emotional battle. If you have a situation, like abuse, where you need to protect yourself or your children, or if your spouse is threatening to run away with assets or, even worse, your children, these are appropriate situations to hire a lawyer and protect your legal rights. However, as over half of our country gets divorced these days, most people have the ability to more or less play by the rules. In these cases, divorce mediation is a much better alternative than hiring full legal representation.

Divorce Mediation: Helping From the Beginning to the End

Just because you are fighting or can’t agree on certain terms, does not mean that you shouldn’t try divorce mediation first. At Johnson Mediation, we will sit down and discuss the needs of each individual in the context of the family. This is opposite of the competitive and adversarial legal process that typically competes against each other. Divorce mediation is much less expensive, and yields positive results that everyone involved, including children, can be happy about. We walk you through the process of divorce, from beginning to end, helping you to divide property, build separate budgets, and develop parenting plans that are conducive to both parties. We will then place all of your agreements into a Memorandum of Agreement that can then be turned into a legal document to finalize your divorce.

So if you are getting divorced, don’t automatically assume it has to be a terrible emotional and financial strain. Serving all of Minnesota, call Johnson Mediation today for a free 1 hour consultation to learn more and see if this is a right path for you. Call us today at (952) 401-7559.

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