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Social Early Neutral Evaluation Eden Prairie MN

August 1, 2015

Eden Prairie Early Neutral EvaluatorThe concept of Social Early Neutral Evaluations, also referred to as ENE or SENE began in Hennepin County and has been adopted in several other Minnesota counties. Increasingly, an ENE is used in contested cases for Parenting Time and Custody cases. The Early Neutral Evaluation, both Social and Financial are similar to that of Mediation in that it is a viable alternative to litigation. In Divorce Mediation the mediator remains neutral. In contrast, a Neutral Social Evaluator, such as Johnson Mediation is tasked with making a recommendation to assist Eden Prairie, MN parties in reaching a settlement.

Social Early Neutral Evaluations

Working with an Early Neutral Evaluator helps both parties to gain a more accurate representation of a possible outcome for your case. At any point of the legal process the court may refer you and your attorney for a Social Early Neutral Evaluation. Typically the evaluation will involve both parties and their respective attorneys along with Two Qualified Neutral Evaluators. One male and one female evaluator will be assigned to your case.

Custody and Parenting Time Arrangements

During the SENE both parties will be given the opportunity to request a custody and parenting time arrangement. The evaluator will ask questions and gather information. A break allows the evaluators to discuss their findings. When the meeting resumes, the evaluators will provide recommendations and explain the reasoning behind the recommendation. Parties can then discuss a settlement.

Best Interest of the Children

The Children’s Best Interest should always be at the forefront of any Custody or Parenting Time Arrangement. Parents must keep this in mind when providing information to Minnesota Qualified Early Neutral Evaluators assigned to their case. The process is confidential. Children may be interviewed as part of the information gathering process.

Either full or partial settlement may be reached and a copy of the arrangement sent to the judicial officer for your case. When a partial settlement has been reached, recommendations can be made regarding areas that require further attention. If no settlement is agreed upon the outcome may be Mediation, Evaluation of the remaining issues or an Evaluation for Custody.

MN State Qualified Neutral Social Evaluator

Johnson Mediation is a Minnesota Qualified Early Neutral Evaluator. Our role provides assistance to Eden Prairie, MN families with Custody and Parenting Time issues. A team of Experienced Neutral Evaluators, one male and one female, can conduct a Social Early Neutral Evaluation and provide feedback to help parties to agree on a settlement that is in the Children’s Best Interest.

Contact Johnson Mediation for Social Early Neutral Evaluations. Use our Online Form or Call (952) 401-7599.

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