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Parenting Consultant Minnesota

July 24, 2015

Minnesota Parenting ConsultantIf over 50% of America’s population is getting divorced these days, how many of them do you think involve children? Being a child of divorce is tough. Even though, in some relationships, divorce is very necessary, to the child it may seem like the world is collapsing right before them. In cases like this where difficult decisions must be made, families should look for an experienced Minnesota parenting consultant. Whether you are discussing court ordered visits, parenting schedule changes, or looking for a way to increase or decrease parenting time, a parenting consultant is the right choice for you. Fortunately, if you live in Minnesota, Johnson Mediation has the experienced Minnesota parenting consultants waiting to help you!

What is a Parenting Consultant?

Developed by several Minnesota psychologists, the role of a parenting consultant won’t be found in a courtroom dictionary. After seeing so many bad outcomes in the Minnesota family dispute arena, also known as the courtroom, many psychologists in the area became experienced Minnesota parenting consultants. Parenting consultants assist with all types of issues involving the children after a divorce or separation. Issues can include but are not limited to:

  • Parenting time (court ordered visitation).
  • Parenting schedule changes.
  • Discipline and parenting styles.
  • Participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Financial considerations.

What is the Parent Consultation Process?

  1. Once the decision is made to separate, a contract-based agreement is made on behalf of the children’s wellbeing.
  2. If a disagreement is taking place, like a parent wants to increase or decrease parenting time, they must first try to mediate the dispute.
  3. If mediation fails, the experienced Minnesota parenting consultant would then step in and decide the issue or issues in the dispute.
  4. If the parents still do not agree and do not accept the parenting consultant’s decision, then he or she will have the right to go back to court and have the decision changed.

Choosing Johnson Mediation

Founder of Johnson Mediation, Jeff Johnson, is a state-qualified neutral mediator and parenting consultant. He understands what it’s like to deal with conflicts after divorce like parenting schedule changes and financial disputes. When you decide to get divorced, your children begin paying attention to everything going on around them. Deciding to mediate the situation and utilize an outside party, like our experienced Minnesota parenting consultant at Johnson Mediation, is the best decision you can make for your kids.

So if you are thinking about getting divorced, in the process of, or have been divorced for years, it’s time to call Johnson Mediation to help with all of your parenting consultation needs. If you live in Minnesota, call us today at (952) 401-7599 and schedule a time to sit down with someone from our staff.

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