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Comprehensive Mediation Service Chanhassen MN

July 21, 2015

Divorce Mediator MNChoosing Divorce Mediation has become more common for Minnesota couples that want to dissolve a marriage amicably. The mediation process is successful for almost every divorce scenario. Most couples reach final agreement during Confidential Mediation Sessions with a qualified expert. Johnson Mediation provides Comprehensive Mediation Services for Chanhassen, MN couples. We offer a Free Consultation to familiarize yourself with mediation. During your initial visit our professionals are able to answer questions that you have and prepare you for the next step.

Free Confidential Consultation

When you take advantage of the Free Confidential Consultation at Johnson Mediation we can discuss your individual situation and answer questions. Your session can provide a better understanding of how Johnson Mediation approaches the mediation process. The consultation is completely confidential.

  1. Each party will complete intake forms to get a better understanding of your specific situation and tailor our approach to fit your needs.
  2. Review information on each of your intake forms to ensure that your individual needs will be met.
  3. Talk through the steps involved in the mediation process.
  4. Answer all of your questions so that each party is comfortable with the mediator and Divorce Mediation Process.

Financial Issues During Divorce

Divorce Mediation addresses all of the Parenting and Financial Issues that must be resolved during the divorce proceedings. Financial Issues most commonly addressed during Comprehensive Mediation include the following:

  • Division of marital assets
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Pension benefits and retirement accounts
  • Division of marital residence
  • Division of debt including credit card and loan balances
  • Business interests
  • Division of marital and non marital property
  • Tax considerations

Parenting Issues During Divorce

The family focused approach at Johnson Mediation provides assistance with Parenting Issues for Chanhassen, MN families. We have an extensive network of professionals that can be a valuable resource when dealing with both Financial and Parenting Issues During Divorce. Some of the most common parenting issues addressed during mediation includes the following:

  • Child support
  • Medical and dental care for children
  • Children’s educational plans
  • Parenting time terms
  • Parental responsibilities
  • Child tax considerations
  • Reconciling spiritual path for children

Confidential Chanhassen Mediation Sessions

The Comprehensive Mediation Program at Johnson Mediation is designed for couples who want professional assistance with Financial Issues and Parenting Issues of their divorce. Our expertise in the Divorce Mediation Process along with our extensive list of Professional Resources can make the process less costly and less time consuming. Our mediators are here to answer any questions that you may have and guide you to a positive resolution.

Contact Johnson Mediation for Mediation Services at (952) 401-7599.



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