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Divorce Mediation

July 18, 2015

Mediation for Divorce ChanhassenDivorce, as stated in Wikipedia, is the termination of a marital union, the canceling of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage, and dissolving the bonds of matrimony. While all of these things may be true, the process of divorce can be grueling. When you cancel a marital union and cancel the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage, several issues and divisions of assets may come up. More importantly, if you have children, your roles as parents should begin to outweigh the importance of your divorce. For this reason, divorce mediation was created. Divorce mediation is about you and your soon to be ex-spouse, deciding on what is best for the both of you, as well as your children. Johnson Mediation, located in Chanhassen, MN, is available to be your neutral third party mediator, who can help you and your spouse work through issues that need to be resolved so that you can end your marriage with a positive outlook and cost effective budget.

Common Types of Issues that are Discussed During Divorce Mediation:

  1. Distribution of Property This includes assets and liabilities that the court may otherwise allocate disproportionately.
  2. Child Custody and Parenting Time Our goal at Johnson Mediation is to ensure that a child or the children has a relationship with both parents that encourages parental responsibility and promotes parental access. We can help devise parenting time plans that offer structure, but allow flexibility.
  3. Child Support At Johnson Mediation, we offer guidelines during mediation that take into account the gross income of both parents and the actual amount of parenting time that both parties receive. We understand the law and guidelines and can explain the process to couples without using harsh labels like physical custody and legal terms.

During mediation, all of these types of issues, and other unrelated issues, are laid out on the table for discussion. While some couples are able to easily agree on issues, others take time and lots of effort put forth by everyone. Our mediators do a great job keeping the lines of communication open, brainstorm ideas and solutions, and teach empathy to assist our couples through the decision making process. We do not process or impose our views, rather we clarify and open further discussion to each party’s different opinions.

So if you live in Minnesota and are going through a divorce, try a more cost-effective, less stressful process. Divorce mediation is right for every couple, no matter what the situation. At Johnson Mediation, we want to work with you in getting you to the happy ending. Call us today at (952) 401-7599.

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