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Alternative to Courtroom Divorce in Minnesota

July 11, 2015

Minnesota Divorce MediationFor couples that are facing the prospect of divorce there are choices to be made. One option that many people may not be aware of called Divorce Mediation. It is an alternative to traditional litigation in which the outcome is decided by a judge. With the Divorce Mediation process, couples can maintain control of their case and choose an outcome that works for both parties. For many Minnesota couples who have decided to dissolve their marriage, Alternative Dispute Resolution is the most appropriate choice. Johnson Mediation can help you to stay out of the courtroom and take charge of your own divorce.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Divorce Mediation is a powerful and more affordable choice for Minnesota families facing the process of divorce. It offers an Excellent Alternative for Dispute Resolution in cases where parties are able to be honest with one another and find common ground. As a MN Divorce Mediator, Johnson Mediation can walk you through the process of Dividing Property, Building Individual Budgets, Creating Parenting Plans and Prepare for Your Future.

When is Divorce Mediation Your Better Choice?

There are several aspects to consider when deciding if the Divorce Mediation Process or Courtroom Litigation is the Better Choice for your individual circumstance. Mediation provides a way for the two parties to decide their own positive outcome. You may choose to work with a MN Divorce Mediator when:

  • You believe that your spouse can be honest throughout the process
  • You believe that your concerns and opinions can be heard
  • You believe that you will not feel intimidated by your spouse
  • You believe that both parties want what is best for the children
  • You believe that both parties have a common goal of reaching a fair and just settlement

Benefits of MN Divorce Mediation

  • Maintain Control over the outcome for Parenting Time, Child Support, Division of Property and Spousal Support.
  • Save Time by expediting a resolution without being controlled by a clogged court calendar.
  • Convenience of scheduling mediation at a mutually convenient time.
  • Save Money by avoiding procedural rules that can result in substantial legal fees.
  • Maintain Privacy when a conclusion reached in private without the need to be entered into public record.

Minnesota Divorce Mediators

MN Divorce Mediators at Johnson Mediation provide an Alternative to Courtroom Divorce in Minnesota. We can help you to expedite your resolution without the contention that is common in litigation. Divorce Mediation is an excellent choice for many couples facing the prospect of divorce. The mediation process may save you Time and Expense while you Maintain Control of the outcome.

Contact Johnson Mediation for Alternate Dispute Resolution Without Litigation. Use our Online Form or Call (952) 401-7599.



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