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Divorce Mediator Minnesota

July 5, 2015

Minnesota Divorce MediatorWith over 50% of married couples getting divorced these days, the word ‘divorce’ doesn’t seem so bad. While most never plan on getting divorced when they originally get married, it’s a reality that lots of couples must face. Instead of a courtroom brawl that almost always ends up being emotionally, physically, and financially draining, why not try using a divorce mediator in Minnesota? Johnson Mediation offers affordable divorce mediation for all types of couples looking to end their marriage with calm and reasonable resolutions. If you are getting divorced and looking for a divorce mediator in Minnesota, call Johnson Mediation for a free 1 hour consultation today!

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a much less expensive, alternative process to the typical adversarial approach to divorce. Instead of a competitive and overbearing legal process, our affordable divorce mediation focuses on the needs of the individuals in the context of the family, through collaboration of all parties. Your divorce mediator will help guide couples through the process of dividing property, building individual budgets, and developing workable parenting plans. Once agreed upon, the agreements can be placed into a Memorandum of Agreement which helps complete the legal documents in divorce.

Affordable Minnesota Divorce Mediation

Not only does using a divorce mediator in Minnesota help cut down on the roller coaster of emotions that all divorces bring, it can put the bucks back into your wallet! You shouldn’t have to pay for your future, don’t spend a ton of money on your divorce! A typical divorce can cost two to ten times higher than the cost of a divorce mediator in Minnesota. By cutting this expense, you are able to use that money towards so much more!

Fair Resolution

While divorce may not be for everyone, divorce mediation is definitely something that everyone should consider when getting divorced! At Johnson Mediation, we make it as easy as possible. Our divorce mediator helps to facilitate communication between the parties and makes sure that both sides are given uninterrupted time to speak. The mediator is there to help get both voices heard and make communication clear. No case is too complicated for divorce mediation. We take all types of couples and truly believe in this better alternative.

If you are getting divorced, call Johnson Mediation today for a free 1 hour consultation. Let us show you how to get through a divorce in a dignified, respectable manner. If you live in Minnesota, call us today at (952) 401-7599.

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