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Parenting Time Expeditor Chanhassen MN

July 3, 2015

Chanhassen Parenting Time Expeditor When it comes to a divorce or separation, keeping the children’s best interests in mind can be very difficult. One spouse may feel like they deserve more time with the kids than the other parent. Anger and frustration often builds up, causing tension within the family. If you are going through a divorce in Chanhassen, MN, where children are involved, consider getting divorce mediation help through consulting a Parenting Time Expeditor at Johnson Mediation.

What Is A Parenting Time Expeditor?

This may be a new term for some people. A parenting time expeditor serves as a resource for families seeking mediation after a divorce with specific issues surrounding children. Determining a fair and reasonable visitation schedule can be one of the most difficult decisions to make surrounding a divorce. Let one of our experienced staff members mediate the situation and help you come to a resolution that puts the children first. This process uses a contractual agreement that first offers divorce mediation help, and allows the parties to come to a decision on their own. If they are not able to resolve the issue through mediation after a divorce, the Parenting Time Expeditor steps in and comes up with a fair, unbiased decision for both sides. If either side disagrees with the decision made by our parenting time expeditor, then settling it in court is the next option. Johnson Mediation hopes that it does not get to that point. We are confident that thanks to our experience and highly trained mediators, an agreeable decision that focuses on the children is possible. Don’t let the court system push your family even farther apart. Our Parenting Time Expeditor’s are able to help you no matter what stage of a divorce you are in.

Put Your Trust In Johnson Mediation

Just like when you go get your car fixed, you put your faith in a company that has experience and has handled repairs on their own vehicles. With Johnson Mediation, you are getting that same type of service from our staff. Jeff Johnson, founder of Johnson Mediation, has gone through a divorce himself. He knows how difficult a divorce can be, especially when children are involved. That is why our staff has developed parenting resources to help you get through a divorce with minimal interruption of your children’s lives.

So, if you are looking for a Parenting Time Expeditor in Chanhassen, MN, to help you resolve disputes regarding your children, Johnson Mediation is the partner for you! Give us a call today at (952) 401-7599 to set up your free one hour consultation.





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