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Divorce Mediator Chanhassen MN

June 25, 2015

Divorce Mediator MNWe’re just going to go ahead and say it, you are getting the ‘D’ word. No one is proud of getting a divorce but sometimes it may be necessary in order to move forward in life. While not many people are proud and brag about divorce, it would be 100% acceptable to be proud of a dignified divorce that was done peacefully. Located in Chanhassen, MN, Johnson Mediation is the perfect place to receive divorce mediation help and to plan your future in a calm, equal environment.

Who is Johnson Mediation?

Johnson Mediation is a place that provides couples with both divorce mediation help and mediation after divorce. We create an environment that is a safe and constructive place to resolve disputes and secure the best outcome for everyone. The founder of our firm, Jeff Johnson, understands the multi-faceted emotional strain that divorce can have on both families and individuals because he has been there himself. For this reason, this firm has tremendous passion and energy to help families work through this hard time and find happy solutions for everyone involved.

Divorce Mediation Help

During divorce mediation, couples meet with a mediator in a neutral environment to try and yield positive results for all involved – including children. Both parties will collect and share information, documents, feelings, or resolution ideas, and the mediator will help facilitate. The mediator never picks sides, they are only there to let each person have a fair chance to present their point of view and interject when a point needs to be clarified or further explained. By choosing divorce mediation help, you are sparing yourself lots of time in an unforgiving courtroom. Divorce mediation can divide property, build individual budgets for separate futures and develop workable parenting plans. Once complete, you can legalize everything you both have agreed upon.

Mediation after Divorce

Just because your divorce papers are final does not mean that you shouldn’t look for divorce mediation help. A divorce mediator can help build a better relationship between separated parties so that if you must continue interacting with each other, like joint custody, it can be a pleasant and much more bearable task.

So if you live in Chanhassen, MN and you are looking for divorce mediation help or mediation after divorce, call Johnson Mediation today! Located in Chanhassen, MN, for a free 1 hour consultation, call us today at (952) 401-7599.

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