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Divorce Mediator Shakopee MN

June 23, 2015

Divorce Mediator Shakopee MNSimply put, for many individuals, going through a divorce can be devastating. The combination of mental stress, financial pain, and fear of what is to come can quickly cause individuals to feel overwhelmed. Research has shown that divorces occur in nearly 50% of marriages in America. For individuals that have a 2nd marriage, the divorce percentage increases to roughly 65%, and for those that get married 3 times, the 3rd marriage is likely to experience a divorce nearly 70% of the time. These mind boggling statistics show that divorces are not going away anytime soon. No matter if this is your first divorce, or if this is your 2nd or 3rd go around, settling your divorce in court is not your only option. Instead, team up with Johnson Mediation, a divorce mediator in Shakopee, MN.

What Is A Divorce Mediator?

For some people, a divorce mediator may be a very new concept. Over the years, settling a divorce in court was the only feasible option for many individuals. Settling a divorce in court takes away the control and decision making power that you have, and eats up nearly all of the money in your pocket! Especially when children are involved, settling a divorce in court can be tough. The purpose of a divorce mediator is to push aside the high stress legal side of things to better understand the situation around your specific divorce. This collaborative process keeps more power in your hands and less with the legal system. The mediator collects and shares information with all parties involved and offers unbiased suggestions to help couples meet in the middle with their decision making.  Those difficult discussions around a divorce can be made easy by partnering with the divorce mediators at Johnson Mediation.

Tough Situations We Can Help With

  • Division of Property – Divorces can quickly get ugly when dividing property. Let our affordable divorce mediator research which property was purchased before and after the marriage, and help to fairly divide these items.
  • Child Support – There are times where one parent is financially supporting the child(ren) way more than the other parent. Let our staff review the earnings and expenses of both parents to ensure that the child support is spread evenly.
  • Parenting Time – Splitting time with children is always one of the most difficult issues to resolve. We understand that no one wants to split time with their children. Our mediators can create a parenting time plan that keeps the children’s best interests in mind.

If you are currently going through a divorce and want to avoid the courtroom, consider divorce mediation. If you live in Shakopee, MN, give Johnson Mediation a call today to set up your free 1 hour consultation with one of our divorce mediators.



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