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Mediation Process Chanhassen MN

June 14, 2015

Mediation for Divorce ChanhassenSo, you are getting divorced. Sometimes when divorce happens, it feels like the walls are closing in and you are left all alone. All too often, people jump the gun and can jump down each other’s throats in a harsh court system that can leave everyone bitter. Don’t be that couple. If you are getting divorced, it’s time to consider mediation after divorce. If you live in Chanhassen, MN, let Johnson Mediation guide you through the mediation process. Mediation saves money and can also save valuable time and heartache in the long run.

What is Divorce Mediation?

When people think of divorce, people often have a nasty stigma about the word. However, in this day in age, it is quite common and, while it should be taken seriously, it does not necessarily have to come with loads of drama. Mediation after divorce is a collaborative process that focuses on the needs of the individuals and their family instead of the competitive and adversarial legal processes. Mediation saves money and has been shown to have more positive results for all parties involved, including children. We feel that the mediation process gives both partners more power and ownership over the results within a divorce.

 The Mediation Process

Once you decide on mediation, the mediator will meet with you and your spouse for approximately 3 to 4 sessions that last about 2 hours long. Both the mediator and the participants identify the issues that need resolution and then focus on the order of discussion, and the information that should be gathered in order to present these issues to each other. Once all the information is collected and gathered, the participants will share and discuss each issue, including financial and child custody issues that may be controversial. The mediator will provide assistance in letting each party have uninterrupted time to speak and asking to clarify points when necessary. They also can provide information about the court system and common ways that divorce issues are solved.

Once the issues have been agreed upon, the mediator will document the agreements and go over all of the agreements with both parties, and their attorneys, if necessary.

Mediation Saves Money

Divorce is expensive! Attorney fees, court fees, and other fees along the way can really add up! A typical divorce is 2 to 10 times higher than mediation costs. While mediation saves money, it also saves you from the emotional roller coaster that divorced couples talk about so much. Dragging your family and possibly your kids through a murky court system divorce is both financially and emotionally draining.

If you live in Chanhassen, MN and are ready to give the mediation process a try, call Johnson Mediation today. We offer a free 1 hour consultation for those interested in learning about mediation after divorce. Call us today at (952) 401-7599.

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