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Co-Mediators MN

June 6, 2015

Avoid a Courtroom Divorce Battle MNWhen divorce is depicted on the movie screen, you often see lawyers going neck and neck to battle out some large financial estate and a grueling battle for custody of the household pet. You see strong actors and actresses standing their ground and bashing the other side of the courtroom with blunderous words and hateful eyes. Is that truly how you want your own divorce to go down? At Johnson Mediation, we try our best to take the bad divorce stigma out of our environment, and turn it into a place where you can focus on you, your family, and your future. We have a co-mediation program that provides a safe environment to come up with new alternatives for your new life. The effectiveness of this far exceeds that of a courtroom brawl and therefore, shows the true importance of co-mediation.

The Reality of Divorce

Maybe your marriage was terrible and starting your new life can’t come soon enough. Maybe your marriage had just dissipated and both you and your spouse are ready to try something new. Regardless of the reasoning for divorce, it is happening and a new life with new boundaries must be created. The effectiveness with co-mediation is based on a team approach. We give couples two professionals who are committed to finding positive alternatives for the couple from what could otherwise seem like an overwhelming or impossible problem.

The Importance of Co-Mediation

Co-mediators help couples work through legal, logistical, and even the emotional parts of divorce. They are excellent in showing the bigger picture. For example, our co-mediators will take a realistic snapshot of a couple’s financial life together. Then, they will show the couples what their financial life will look like after divorce. This helps each party in a divorce understand how the aftermath of divorce will work and how they should be developing their own plan. They also help couples work through the logistics of parenting after a divorce. Finding a plan that works best for the children can help couples learn how to communicate with each other even after the divorce process is completed.

Johnson Mediation wants to promote positive results after every divorce. The effectiveness of co-mediation is always shown post-divorce. If we feel that a couple benefits from co-mediation, we will offer the service at the same price as just one mediator. Divorce is already stressful and emotional, let Johnson Mediation help. If you live in Minnesota, please give us a call today at (952) 401-7599.

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