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Divorce Mediator Child Focused Chanhassen MN

June 5, 2015

Divorce Process Focused on Kids No matter how you deal with it, going through a divorce can be stressful and tough. Often times, the most difficult part of going through a divorce is how it affects your kids. Seeing parents argue and battle within a courtroom is a situation that a child should never have to go through. If your number one priority is your children’s well being and future, divorce mediation may be the best option for you. If you live in Chanhassen, MN and are going through a divorce, consider partnering with Johnson Mediation, an experienced child divorce mediator. Keep your divorce out of the courtroom and your children’s best interests in mind!

Get Through Your Divorce Easier

Our focus at Johnson Mediation is to help couples go through a divorce in the most peaceful way possible, with minimal effect on the children involved. Our mediators specialize in hearing both sides of the story and offering fair resolutions that not only offer better resolutions, but a cheaper and quicker alternative than a courtroom based divorce. Our founder, Jeff Johnson, has been through a divorce himself, so we have seen the affects a divorce can have on a family first hand.

How We Focus On Children:

  • Parenting Consultant – Looking for a dedicated consultant to assist you with issues such as visitation, scheduling, discipline, finances, or varying parenting styles? Our parenting consultants can input productive resources throughout a divorce to lay the foundation of a positive relationship post-divorce for all parties involved.
  • Parenting Time Expeditor – This type of mediation occurs after the initial divorce mediation has begun. If mediation fails, then a parenting time expeditor will make the decisions involving children. If decisions still cannot be agreed upon, the couple has the option of handling the divorce in court.
  • Parenting Classes – Our dedicated staff offers parenting resources even after a divorce. Learning how to maintain your relationship with your kids after a divorce can be challenging. We offer classes that will help you gain the skills to improve on your relationship with your children in this new setting. The Parents Forever class is offered through our firm as well. We offer this 12 hour class series that meets the standards required by Minnesota law.

If you are going through the beginnings of a divorce, consider mediation as an alternative to the court system. Team up with Johnson Mediation, an affordable and understanding divorce mediator that is child focused. If you live in Chanhassen, MN, give us a call today at (952) 401-7599 to sign up for your free one hour consultation.


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