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Important Tips To Help You Navigate Through Your Divorce Minnesota

May 31, 2015

MN Divorce HelpDealing with divorce is never an easy task. When children are involved, it is often said that they go through the same 5 stages of grief as when someone is actually dying. Denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and eventually acceptance are some of the actions and emotions that can take part in a child’s life and consume them with overwhelming emotion. Likewise, these same steps are often also experienced by the two people involved in the divorce.

Help with Navigating in times of Divorce

Divorce is the second most stressful event that a person could ever go through in life. If this is true, why do so many people try to do it alone? The court system is not a great solution to an already unfortunate situation. Johnson Mediation is here to help give you tips to navigate through your divorce. If you live in Minnesota, Johnson Mediation is ready and willing to set you up with a divorce mediator and find the best solutions for the brightest future.

  1. Like Elsa said in the movie Frozen, ‘Let it go.’ – Pointing the finger and blaming yourself or your partner is not the best way to find a resolution. Accepting that divorce is the only option for the both of you gives you the ability to embrace yourself and look for a better future.
  2. Every Divorce is Different – The national rate of divorce is on the rise but that doesn’t mean that bitterness has to be. Just because your neighbors fought each other for everything, including the banana in the refrigerator, does not mean that your divorce has to be like that. Staying grounded and committing to the divorce with respect for yourself and your partner is a great way to work through issues that may arise.
  3. Making Your Priorities – Setting your priorities and values helps the both of you find a way to negotiate and agree upon decisions. Once you realize what your priorities are, you can concentrate on those areas and become more willing to let the smaller issues go.
  4. Seek Help From Professionals – At Johnson Mediation, we are here to help both of you cope. Beginning this new journey and leaving the past behind can be a difficult task. No matter how big or small your issues are within the marriage, working with a professional to help resolve those problems is one of the best ways to seek resolution.
  5. Find the New You – Once you have completed mediation, your new life will begin. Whether you are completely on your own, or having to make dual decisions with your ex, finding yourself after divorce is an important step to anyone going through a life altering experience.

So if you live in Minnesota and are struggling with the hardship of divorce, don’t do it alone. No one should have to go through divorce without proper navigation. Call Johnson Mediation today and set up a free 1 hour consultation. Contact us at (952) 401-7599.

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