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Settle On Your Divorce Out of Minnesota Courts

May 15, 2015

Divorce Mediator MNHave you recently begun the process of going through a divorce with your spouse? This is not only an extremely emotional time, but it is very stressful, expensive, and overwhelming for lots of people, especially when dealing with the court system. Research has shown that going through a divorce is the 2nd most stressful event that individuals will go through in a lifetime. Although reasons for divorce have changed over the years, the way the court system reviews divorces has not. Johnson Mediation, a company in Minnesota focused on providing a safe and respectful environment to settle a divorce, has taken notice of a need for options outside of the courtroom.

First Hand Experience With Divorce

When going through a divorce, it is important that those assisting with the process have direct experience. Jeff Johnson, founder of Johnson Mediation has been through a divorce himself. Through his experience, he developed a passion for helping individuals get through this tough time in life. Jeff and his team have the resources and environment designed to provide the best outcome for all parties involved in divorce mediation.

Advantages to Divorce Mediation

  • More Affordable – Court costs have become outrageous in regards to a divorce. Divorce mediation offers a lower priced alternative for individuals.
  • Focus on Both Sides – With mediation, both sides are heard by a mediator that is highly trained to not side with anyone involved. This allows for decisions to be agreed upon through a fair resolution, taking into account both parties.
  • Easier on Children – When children are involved, a divorce becomes that much more difficult. Mediation helps parents maintain a respectful relationship with a focus on keeping the children’s needs first.
  • You Have Control – Unlike the court system, you are in charge of any signed or agreed upon decisions during mediation. This offers you much more control over the outcome compared to the traditional court based divorce.

Other Divorce Services

The divorce resources that our team members provide are not limited to just mediation. Our staff also offer a divorce coach, grief and divorce recovery services, parenting time consultations, parents forever classes, and many other specialties.

There are other alternatives to handling a divorce in the Minnesota courts. Instead, team up with Johnson Mediation and take advantage of our divorce mediation resources. We are eager to make the divorce process a little less stressful for all parties involved. Give us a call today at (952) 401-7599 to set up a free one hour consultation.

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