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Reduce The Emotional and Financial Stress of Divorce Minnesota

May 13, 2015

Reduce Financial and Emotional Divorce Stress MNAlmost no one goes into a marriage planning on getting divorced. Ending a chapter of you and your spouse’s life can be hard and extremely stressful. When the world challenges you with one of life’s biggest changes, you may need to reach out for some help! If you live in Minnesota and are looking to reduce the stress of your divorce, it’s time to call Johnson Mediation. Here, we provide couples going through a divorce a safe and constructive environment to reduce the stress of divorce, resolve disputes and come up with the best possible resolutions for the entire family.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

At Johnson Mediation, a mediator is placed with each couple as the neutral party involved. They are specially trained to help couples resolve issues within their divorce. During a divorce, stressful topics, like kids and finances can arise, and it’s important that everyone is heard. The mediator gives each person uninterrupted time to speak, facilitates when a point needs further explanation, and asks appropriate questions to make communication more clear. We do not make any decisions for the couple, as that is done after finding a resolution.

What To Expect from Divorce Mediation?

First of all, Johnson Mediation complies with the state law in that no one, not even the two parties, can use anything said in mediation in a court of law. We feel like keeping mediation as confidential as possible reduces stress on all parties by creating honest dialogue between clients. The amount of mediation needed can vary per couple. The average case generally takes three to four two-hour mediation sessions. Once mediation is over, the mediator documents the agreements for review by each of their participants and their attorneys, if applicable.

Is This Financially Stressful?

Mediation is a more budget-friendly route than a litigated divorce. In fact, a typical divorce can be two to ten times higher than that of Johnson Mediation. With that being said, using mediation for divorce takes a much gentler emotional toll on you and any children in the process than a bad courtroom brawl.

At Johnson Mediation, no divorce case is too complicated or too adversarial to handle. People that have used our process have a great understanding that this process works well as it does not add any high emotional or financial cost that the court systems can often bring. So, if you are living in Minnesota and plan on getting divorced, give us a call today at (952) 401-7599.

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