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Minnesota Divorce Coach

May 9, 2015

Help with Divorce MNDivorce can be a very complicated and emotional process, especially if children are involved. Many soon to divorced individuals are in a whirlwind situation and don’t know who to turn to for help. A Minnesota Divorce Coach is something like a wedding planner for divorce. We can help you to sort out emotion from business and assist you with achieving your goals as you transition into a new unmarried life. Johnson Mediation provides Divorce Coaching services while working with just one party in the divorce process. We can guide you to helpful resources and save you money by helping you to prepare before consulting with an attorney.

What a Divorce Coach Can Do For You

Hiring a qualified divorce coach provides support and clarity during the long divorce process. A divorce coach is part psychologist and part organizer. It can be very helpful to speak with a skilled divorce coach prior to gain perspective and minimize billable time spent talking with your divorce attorney.

Divorce Coaching is Nonjudgmental and Supportive

Having a neutral shoulder to lean on can be a real blessing for individuals going through a divorce. Your divorce coach is nonjudgmental and supportive without the baggage that comes with discussing your soon to be ex-spouse with family and friends. A skilled divorce coach helps you to sift through emotional turmoil to separate emotions from business.

Manage Emotions and Reduce Stress

Managing your emotions and setting attainable goals will help you through the long divorce process and prepare you for life post-divorce. Johnson Mediation can help you to navigate through this crisis time and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety that are common in this situation.

What Divorce Coaching is NOT

  • A Divorce Coach does not offer legal advice or prepare legal documents.
  • Our job is not to dig deep into your marital relationship to determine the root cause of problems.
  • Divorce Coaching sessions are not counseling sessions.
  • Your Divorce Coach will not make a medical or clinical diagnosis.

Qualified MN Divorce Coaching Services

Johnson Mediation provides individual Divorce Coaching Services to minimize the stress and costs of the arduous divorce process. Our services help one party in a divorce with defining goals for life post-divorce. We can help you to focus on managing your emotions and creating an attainable action plan for your future. The Minnesota divorce process can be a very long emotional rollercoaster. It helps to have someone to turn to for support and needed resources.

Contact Johnson Mediation for Divorce Coaching Services. Use our Online Form or Call (952) 401-7599.

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