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Inside Tips for Mediation in Minnesota

April 26, 2015

Tips for Mediation MNThere are many important functions of mediation that can be extremely helpful for couples going through a divorce, an employee/employer that do not see eye to eye about parting ways, or even two business partners who have decided it is time to dissolve their relationships. In most mediation cases, there is a separation of some sort, and a need to separate their personal lives, assets, property, debt, and/or profit. Another common goal for those exploring mediation is the hope that the two parties will not have to have to fight it out in court. Mediation can save you thousands of dollars in attorney fees and can actually allow you to save some time and even preserve some goodwill between the two parties.

How to Prepare Yourself Prior to the Mediation Process:

  1. Get a handle on all finance information related to the mediation: Financial separation is one of the most difficult parts of any separation, whether it is business or personal. In many cases, money is complicated and can be intertwined in such a way that it is difficult to tease out a 50/50 split. Use the time before mediation to make sure that you understand all of your financial information including bank accounts, retirement accounts, debt and property values. This knowledge will help this important part and prevent your partner from taking advantage of your situation.
  1. Strategize: One thing to keep in mind about mediation is that it still involves a significant amount of strategy. While you should use it as an opportunity to see where there are places to agree and where agreement may not be feasible, mediation can also give you insight into what the priorities are for the other party and will give you a glimpse into what might happen if there is not a settlement and you end up in court.
  1. Prepare: Like any important meeting or event, preparation is key to the mediation. Formulate your priority list — what are the most important things that you want to get out of this process? What are you willing to give a bit on? What are you unwilling to budge about?

Hire a Strong Mediator

The success of the mediation does, in part, depend on who you use to mediate the session. Johnson Mediation is an experienced firm in the Minnesota area, specializing in divorce mediation. Give our team a call today at 1-952-401-7599 to schedule a free consultation.

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