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Divorce Mediation Chanhassen, MN

April 4, 2015

Divorce Mediator Chanhassen MNWhen the word ‘divorce’ comes to mind, people often think of a grim battle taking place in a court system with two disgruntled ex-lovers. Movies make divorce seem complicated and filled with hate and distaste for one another. Here at Johnson Mediation, we work with couples going through a divorce to make it as easy and uncomplicated as possible. If you live in Chanhassen, MN or the surrounding area, and you are going through a divorce, it’s time to give us a call.

Divorce Mediator Can Help

There’s no doubt, every divorce can come with lots of mixed emotions and hard decisions. No one enjoys divorce. At Johnson Mediation, we try to ease the pain and tension by having a third party help with communication between the two parties involved. Mediation allows our divorcing couples to take control of their situation and plan their futures that are conducive to both parties. Couples that have children often may continue to have to work together and make joint decisions as separated individuals. Mediation helps us learn the correct decision-making process in awkward or difficult times. Since both parties are coming to an agreement through mediation, often times the compliance rate is much higher.

Our Mediators Remain Neutral

Our job as a mediator is to remain completely neutral. We are able to facilitate communication between both parties and ensure uninterrupted time to speak for everyone. We may ask one party to repeat or explain certain points so that all of the communication lines are clear. We make no decisions in this process. All the final decisions are made by the participants themselves. Every case is different, however most cases typically take between three to four two-hour mediation sessions. Depending on the complication of each case, some may take more or less. No case is too complicated or adversarial. We are here to help decrease the complication and frustration of divorce. Mediation costs are also much cheaper than a typical divorce handled within the court system. Regardless of costs, the emotional baggage brought by litigation can be much worse in a court system than if it’s handled by mediation.

If you live in Chanhassen, MN and you are going through a divorce, please consider Johnson Mediation. The financial cost and emotional stress alone is worth a try! We offer free 1 hour consultations to those that are looking for help! Please call us today at (952)401-7599.

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