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Spousal Support Wayzata MN

March 20, 2015

Have you recently gotten into an argument with your wife, and you are not sure you will ever be able to get over it? Maybe you are at a point in your marriage that you are contemplating divorce? For those couples that are going through a divorce right now, or those who are adjusting to life after divorce, there is support out there for you. No matter what stage you are in with your spouse, Johnson Mediation specializes in providing resources and counsel on how to get through that particular time of your life in as positive a way as possible. If you are currently going through one of these scenarios and you live in Wayzata, MN, you have no excuse! Take the next step in getting the support that you need for you and your spouse and commit to a new way of handling situations.

Why Johnson Mediation?

Whenever you seek advice for anything in life, you are more than likely to listen to advice from someone who has been through your same experience rather than someone that is telling you about what they learned in psychology class. At Johnson Mediation, our own founder, Jeff Johnson went through a divorce himself. He has seen first hand the calm before the storm, the judicial side, and how to attack life after a divorce. Through his experiences, he developed a passion for wanting to help other individuals dealing with the same issues, thus Johnson Mediation was born!

 Married Couples Support

Getting a couple on the same page across all walks of life is our number one priority. Our counselors will help you find ways to more respectfully address problems or situations that have caused conflicts in the past. The future can be bright for couples that commit to the work needed to maintain a healthy marriage, and we are here to help you every step of the way!

Divorced Couples Support

With divorce comes feelings of anger, sadness, fear and discouragement. After a divorce, a new life is thrown at you and you are forced to adapt. Our staff focuses on helping divorced couples make fair decisions on things like custody, parenting time, finances or division of property. You and your ex-spouse can continue to have a cordial relationship even after a divorce, you just have to commit to putting a little effort into it. For those couples with kids, a respectful relationship between divorced parents makes things a lot easier.

So, whether you are in a marriage or recently divorced, Johnson Mediation is here to provide you with spousal support. If you live in Wayzata, MN, give us a call today at (952) 401-7599 to set up a free one hour consultation.


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