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Parenting Consultant Eden Prairie MN

March 8, 2015

Divorces are never easy. No one goes into a marriage planning to divorce their partner down the road. There are so many dynamics that come into play when dealing with a divorce. Children, finances, and division of property are just a few things that commonly cause conflict during a divorce. Rather than going straight to the court system to resolve a dispute, team up with a parenting consultant to help mediate the situation. If you live in Eden Prairie, MN, Johnson Mediation is a well respected company that has a passion for counseling individuals going through a divorce as peacefully as possible.

What is a Parenting Consultant

The term parenting consultant was created by a group of Minnesota psychologists who had years of experience dealing with family disputes. Completely separate from the court system, a parenting consultant helps mediate parties involved in a divorce with decisions that tend to cause conflict. The individuals going through the divorce sign a contract based agreement that first calls for mediation between the two individuals. If the mediation is not successful, the parenting consultant then steps in with a decision regarding the issue, and the individuals agree to accept the consultants decision. If one side disagrees with the decision made by the parenting consultant, they can then go directly to the court system to try and overturn the decision.

Common Divorce Issues

  • Visitation – Mediation is commonly needed when trying to determine a fair way for children to split time between two parents.
  • Child Support – There are ways to resolve child support issues cordially without having to go the legal route.
  • Finances/Debt – Money is never an easy topic. Mediation is a great way to make sure everyone involved is on the same page financially.
  • Scheduling – Especially with children, coming up with a schedule of who is going to take the children where can be difficult. Parenting consultants can assist with offering fair recommendations.
  • Parenting Style – Sometimes parents going through a divorce have very different parenting styles. Having 3rd party input can help those involved come to a happy medium regarding parenting.

So, if you live in Eden Prairie, MN, and are looking to partner with a parenting consultant during your current divorce dispute, look no further than Johnson Mediation. Call us today at (952) 401-7599 to set up a free one hour consultation.


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