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Divorce Support Eden Prairie MN

February 6, 2015

Divorce Support MNDivorce is the end of a marriage, not the end of a life…though sometimes it may feel that way. If you are having trouble working through the emotions brought on before, during or after your divorce – Johnson Mediation can help. We offer Divorce Support for individuals in Eden Prairie, MN and the surrounding cities. Our professional and passionate team at Johnson Mediation offers support by providing Neutral Divorce Mediation, Divorce Coaching, Divorce Recovery and even Parenting Consulting.

Neutral Divorce Mediation

So, you and your spouse agree that divorce is what is best for the both of you, your life and the journeys it leads you on. The next steps are important, there are assets and debts to be separated, possibly a parenting plan that needs to be solidified and many other important matters that need to be dealt with. Johnson Mediation offers Divorce Mediation services to help lower the cost, mental strain and the time-frame of the divorce process while also keeping your personal information private.

Divorce Coaching Services

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a person could face; divorce affects men, woman and children. Managing emotions can become difficult, setting new boundaries can be challenging and separating legal issues that need to be address from emotional issues can sometime seam impossible. Our divorce coaches are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice, we offer support, encouragement and guide our clients to be mindful of the personal influence that their own thoughts and actions have on themselves and their life.

Divorce Recovery

Divorce is a loss, which can affect each person differently. Many times, life after a divorce starts with the grieving process; the loss of hopes, dreams, promises and shared anniversaries hurts. But after some time a person needs to move forward with their life and be happy – that’s where our Divorce Recovery Services can help.

Parenting Consulting

A divorce is life changing; responsibilities shift, finances change, locations vary and children are in the middle of all of this. Our Parenting Consultant Services can help establish structure in this new situation. We can help settle agreements, account for financial obligations and assist with parenting styles and discipline methods. Our services are focused on the minor’s best interest.

Contact Johnson Mediation if you’re searching for Divorce Support:

Office (952) 401-7599

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