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Divorce Mediation Chanhassen MN

February 5, 2015

Divorce Mediation Service MNAre you looking for a cost-effective way to end your marriage? Your answer may be Divorce Mediation. Johnson Mediation, located in Chanhassen, MN offers the Mediation process to help ensure that you and your ex-partner can come to an agreement more quickly and with less expense. Instead of having the court make decisions concerning custody, parenting time, child support and property distribution – Divorce Mediation allows the two of you to come to a joint agreement, instead of following a judge’s verdict.

Divorce Mediation vs Litigation

There are many benefits of Divorce Mediation, compared to Divorce Litigation. If you’d like to move forward with your life as quickly as possible and diminish the negative affects divorce can have on your children – considering Mediation is worth your time. There are two ways to go about getting divorced and each path differs dramatically.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation:

  • Can decrease the costs of the divorce process by half, easily!
  • Speeds up the time involved with a divorce, from years to months.
  • Children benefit by not being the main ammunition in a lengthy divorce battle.
  • Less formal than Litigation, therefore less stressful.
  • Can remain a private process, court hearings are open to the public.
  • Parents or former spouses set and agree to their own terms, not a third party’s decision.

Resolving Important Issues

Divorce mediation is a confidential and flexible path that can help open the lines of communication to reach agreements for a better future and a more pleasant present. Our Professional Divorce Mediators are neutral, not taking sides and looking out for the best interest of everyone involved, especially the children. We will help formulate ideas that can be helpful in reaching an agreement that satisfies both parties.

Keep Power of the Process of Your Divorce

While no one ‘wins’ in a divorce, there is an easier way. Mediation can help set the structure for a positive future and less resentment. If you feel it’s time to move on, a messy divorce can leave you stranded for years, with court dates, appearances and personal information becoming public knowledge. Our experienced mediators can help this your divorce process remain civil, affordable, confidential and less time and energy consuming.

Contact Johnson Mediation for a Free Hour Consultation

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