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A database to prevent cheating? How will it impact Divorce rates?

January 16, 2011

I just read an article published recently in the Chicago Tribune, that China will have a database created and operational by 2015.  The idea is to put marriage records online so lovers and spouses can check for cheaters.  The reason for this is that Chinese officials believe that the increase in wealth has created a culture of secret mistresses and second wives. 


After reading the article, I wondered if China considered other reasons for divorce.  Is this database for catching people doing something considered socially inappropriate?  Is it to give potential spouses a “heads-up” that their paramour is a “cheater?”  Either way, it’s certainly an interesting way of focusing on people who “step out of their marriage.”

Should there be a database to document who has “stepped out of their marriage?”  In the US, as in China, the numbers for divorce are rising.  Chinese officials say 2.47 million couples split in 2009, up almost 9 percent from the year before.  Let’s  be clear, not all of these splits were a result of “cheating.”

What do you think?  Are you considering a divorce?  Have you “stepped out of your marriage” and worry about the ramifications in a divorce for doing so?  Are you concerned that your spouse now has license to “take you to the cleaners?” 

If you believe that because you have “stepped out of your marriage” and will have to succumb to the demands of your spouse’s attorney, talk to a mediator or attorney to get a professional point of view on how divorce works in Minnesota (or Wisconsin).  Know your rights and get an understanding of your options. 

Many Mediators offer a free consultation.  Acknowledging an affair does not mean you have to lose everything, including your children, in a divorce.  It also doesn’t mean that you have to battle through attorneys to dissolve the marriage.  You can have a successful divorce through the mediation process.  Give me a call today to find out how.

Jeff Johnson  952 401-7599         

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