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During or After a Divorce, Parenting Consultants can take the stress out of parenting with your spouse

January 20, 2010

Many couples struggle with their spouse on how to raise their kids.  Take that x 10 when a divorce is in the equation.  Parenting Consultants are trained to help couples come up with ideas and facilitate discussions to reduce the tension in the relationship.

What does a Parenting Consultant do?

Parenting Consultants deal with a wide variety of issues during or after a divorce.

  • Educating Parents regarding child development issues
  • Coaching Parents on effective communication techniques
  • Listening intently to each parent to understand underlying issues causing problems
  • Making decisions if the parents can’t reach agreements
  • Resolving issues with their Parenting Plans from their Divorce.

How do parents find a Parenting Consultant?

Divorced or divorcing parents can find Parenting Consultants in a number of ways:

  • Internet:  Search for Parenting Consultants that help divorcing or divorced parents to find a Parenting Consultant in your community
  • Attorneys:   Family Law Attorneys who specialize in divorces can be helpful in providing a list of Parenting Consultants for you to consider
  • Therapists:  Some Therapists know Parenting Consultants that would be a good fit for a couple

How are Parenting Consultants assigned?

Typically Parenting Consultants are assigned by a court order that spells out what authority the Parenting Consultant has in helping the family through a divorce or with post divorce issues.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Get a list of potential Parenting Consultants in your area
  2. Check references to help narrow down your list
  3. Interview candidates to find the right person for you
  4. Work with your attorney to have a Parenting Consultant assigned to you by a court order
  5. Get started with your Parenting Consultant to focus on what your greatest concerns are

As Albert Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” Parenting Consultants can look at issues differently and give a fresh perspective to help break through difficult problems.

Life is too short to fight!!!

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