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Why do most people choose a Mediator for their divorce?

January 19, 2010

The court system is full of divorce cases that should never have gotten there.  So what do those choosing Mediation for their divorce know that you don’t know?

The 10 Top Reasons why people choose Mediation over Litigation for their Divorce

1. Divorce Mediation costs less! The costs of mediation are usually shared by the two parties making each portion smaller. There is no need for both parties hiring an attorney. There is much less time involved using mediation than trial litigation, so that savings can be significant. In mediation both parties are working toward an agreement, which is always less expensive than fighting for a position against each other in the courtroom.

2. You are in control of the entire process. You can move as quickly or deliberately as you wish. The two of you make all the decisions, including solutions that a court would not be able to order. There are no decisions made for you.

3. Mediation is confidential. The decisions you make will not be disclosed outside the mediation process. Divorce is a family matter. The issues faced by a divorcing couple are better solved in private, not in a courtroom as a matter of public record.

4. Mediation builds on the positive. Often divorce is a traumatic, emotionally trying experience. Anger often rules the day. Mediation’s purpose is to build on the positive and to encouragement continued agreement between the parties. The non-adversarial nature of mediation will help you maintain a constructive relationship and eliminate the “win-lose” nature of traditional attorney-driven divorces.

5. Less frayed emotions and a more flexible agreement are two other distinctive benefits of Divorce Mediation.

6. Easier on everybody. Your responsibilities as parents will continue into the indefinite future regardless of your marital status. Divorce Mediation can help you stay focused on the issues important to the future and well being of your children. For example, studies have shown that 50% of court-ordered child support is not being adhered to one year out while 85% of mediated child support agreements are working one year out.

7. Mediation is more creative and flexible. Instead of following the boilerplate provisions usually applied by attorneys and the court, couples arrange for their children’s future care and make decisions together based on their family’s needs.

8. Mediation seeks fairness and cooperation rather than accusations and demands based only on an individual’s needs. Using a trained, neutral Mediator can help you stay focused on equitable decisions that strive for mutual benefit of everyone in the family.

9. Divorce Mediation allows you the opportunity to end your marriage with a sense of mutual dignity and respect. A litigated divorce can destroy any positive feelings you might have toward each other and leave you enemies, each wounded with hurt and hostility.

10. Mediation takes less time! Since both parties are working together to reach equitable and fair agreement, very little time is spent arguing and accusing. Rather than facing a year or more litigating, Divorce Mediation can help you come to agreement in just a few hours.

 We offer a free one hour consultation to find out!  Call today to learn if Mediation is right for your divorce. 

Jeff Johnson

952 401-7599

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