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Why Choose Divorce Mediation Instead of Court?

February 27, 2017

Why Choose Divorce Mediation Instead of Court?Although there are times that court is a necessary step to take, especially when issues are too large to deal with in mediation, most commonly many couples are able to resolve their divorce in mediation rather than taking it to court.

Although there are pros and cons to mediation, many statistics have found that couples who choose mediation are twice as satisfied Read more…


Need Divorce Mediation Around Chanhassen?

February 20, 2017

Are you looking for a Divorce Mediator in Chanhassen, Minnesota? Then look no further than Johnson Mediation.

Johnson Mediation is founded by Jeff Johnson. He is a state-qualified neutral mediator, financial early neutral evaluator, social early neutral evaluator, parenting consultant, parenting time expeditor, parenting coach, and Parents Forever Instructor. Early in Jeff’s career he worked in corporate America in human resources and realized that his passion was not in corporation but rather to help people in his community through difficult times. Read more…

Mediation Help with Joint Custody Child Schedules

February 13, 2017

Mediation Help with Joint Custody Child SchedulesWhen you and your partner decide to pursue a joint custody agreement, it can sometimes be difficult to reach an agreement that suits everyone well. No matter what is decided, the most important thing to remember is how your separation and any joint custody agreement you create will affect your child, both positively and negatively. If you believe that a joint custody agreement is Read more…

Children and Divorce

February 6, 2017

Children’s Well-Being Focused Separation Process

Children & DivorceWhen you’re going through a divorce, the most challenging and important factor in your divorce is ensuring that wellbeing of your children. Depending on your relationship with your former spouse, as well as your child’s relationship with you and your former spouse, creating an effective parenting plan that works for everyone involved can seem impossible, especially when you’re working alone. Read more…

Mediation Costs vs Divorce Lawyer Costs

January 30, 2017

What are Mediation Costs vs Divorce Lawyer CostsMediation is far less expensive than court. Typical divorce will cost you two to ten times more than the mediation cost and will result in both parties feeling unhappy because the results of the divorce will have been decided by lawyers and the judge rather than the parties. Also, when taking the divorce to court, it is open record to the public and can be far more emotionally damaging to both parties and children involved. Not only does it cost more in fees, but oftentimes it takes far more time to settle in court which in return will cost you your time and more finances from missing work. Although sometimes it take months to settle in mediation, the average time is about 3 months compared to 18 months if brought to litigation. Read more…

Comprehensive Mediation for Divorcing Couples

January 23, 2017

Comprehensive Mediation for Divorcing CouplesComprehensive mediation for divorcing couples is a program that is designed for couples that are somewhat amicable, but want to seek professional help to make informed decisions about important issues and concerns such as negotiating property, taxes, retirement funds, child custody, and child support. Many times comprehensive mediation is used for these difficult issues when trying to separate assets, and a parenting plan. Read more…

Johnson Mediation – Certified Mediator

January 16, 2017

Jeff Johnson, Minnesota Certified MediatorJeff Johnson has more than 25 years of mediation and executive coaching experience which he uses to help guide couples through divorce in a peaceful, and smooth way. Jeff is able to help guide couples during the divorce couples and also helps couples keep the lines of communication open after the divorce is finalized. Oftentimes when couples have children involved in the divorce it can be difficult to set your issues aside from parenting and he is here to help allow couples to co-parent in a positive way and stay neutral with one another.

He provides couples with legal information and can also partner with attorneys to provide legal advice any point in the process. Many couples have assets together, need help with taxes, retirement funds, parenting and more during the divorce and these can be complex issues, and working with someone who knows MN law is necessary. Read more…